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We are all mosaics of different stories.

Diifferent experiences of course. But if we don't struggle too much with the changes that are asked of us or blind ourselves with the judgement of others it's possible to witness astounding connections in each other and the world we live in.

Yeah...I know. Some say I'm "too woo" and sure, I claim hippie tendencies, but can  we all agree saving the planet isn't just for hippies anymore...right? What planet will you not recycle on when this one is gone?

I spent over half of high school fighting cancer. I graduated utterly bewildered from over 2 years of chemotherapy.  During my years at university I worked at Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp- a haven for kids facing life threatening experiences. I wanted to help and I know I brought value however it was during my time there that I received so much. Camp is a magnet for gifted souls and artists of all kinds.

I was all in and I wanted more.

I needed to be inside stories bigger than I alone could tell. So

I trained at the Dell Arte International School of Theatre. Craving more tools than to Actor’s Avenue Studio for Meisner. Then more, -Anne Bogart's Viewpoints- mask work etc.

I want my tool box full and ready to serve the story.

Stories are soulfully nutritious. They give validation. They give permission. They offer moments where we can experience our collective humanity.   We laugh, shout for justice, weep for peace. We learn things and find strength to release burdens. Together. Stories remind us we are not alone.

Magic abounds my friends. 

It is impossible for me to stop being moved by people. Humanity inspires me in all of its chaotic and divine motion. How I am affected is sometimes a kryptonite and sometimes a superpower. I am fortunate to work with many talented, diversely skilled storytellers. On stage, on camera, coming through my headset in my recording studio. We bring our skills, we dive in, and we let go into the work that connects us all. We give it away in hopes even a glimpse of truth can help remind us,- that we are all in this together.

let's tell the story.

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