let's tell the story.

We all have moments in life that pull the rug out from beneath us. Challenges that force us to recalibrate our bearings, dig down, and push forward with no idea where we will end up. If we are fortunate, we discover more of who we are and who we want to be.

One of those moments for me was having cancer at age 16.

After just over 2 years and a complete remission at the celestial St. Jude Children’s Hospital, I left home solidly confused about what I wanted in my life.

I spent college summers at Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp- another heavenly place for kids battling similar challenges that I had faced. So many inspiring people and artists work there. One day I watched a true storyteller by the campfire. I felt the story as it grew bigger than all of us. I was moved. It was then I knew I would learn this craft.

I fell in love with this art which gives us permission to laugh, cry, be afraid, amazed, be disgusted...be anything and know we are not alone in this human experience. Not ever. 

I threw on a backpack and lived for over a year in Scotland and Ireland seeking storytellers. At festivals, in the pubs, in schools, on the street with musicians and many nights at the home of a gifted tinker (gypsy) and seanchai (storyteller). I learned. I learned to tell, to craft, and to perform. But I think most importantly, I learned to listen. 

I wanted more.

I wanted to be a part of stories bigger than I alone could tell. I wanted to tell stories with other people. 

I studied Acting at Dell Arte International School of Theatre. Then to Actor’s Avenue Studio, private classes, coaches, I like to stay sharp in my craft. It is impossible for me to stop being moved by people. Sure actors, writers, directors,  but also painters, accountants, landscapers, cashiers, that Mom at the stoplight. I watch, listen, learn and pray that I can authentically share when I am called to do so.

I look for connection in all forms of my work. From traditional storytelling to theatre, on camera, voice over, film, television, commercials, narration…all of it. 

It is all story to me. So many colors of each unique story. I continue to learn how and when to use them, What each story wants regardless of form.

We are not alone. We are in this together. 

Let’s tell the story.

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