I was born and bred in Baltimore. I studied Advertising at Miami University.
One of the bigger loops that life has thrown me for is having cancer when I was sixteen. Believe the hype, cancer sucks. But that suckiness led me to work at Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for kids with cancer and blood diseases, while going to college. It was there that I discovered my love for stories. After graduating I was inspired to learn the roots of story. I threw on my backpack and lived in Scotland and then Ireland for over a year. I sought out Master Storytellers wherever I could find them- from school teachers in Edinburgh to old dudes living in shacks. I made my living performing stories in schools and on the streets and also by teaching Faerytale Workshops (you are allowed to spell Faerytale like that when you have lived in Ireland). During this time I was immersed in the oral tradition of my heritage while writing and composing stories of all kinds.

Then I moved to Boulder, Colorado and got my crunch on. I outdoorsed the crap out of life. I got a job leading backpacking trips for the Juvenile Detention Center.  In my time off, I kept writing, studying and performing storytelling. I had a monthly show at a coffeehouse (shout out to Penny Lane Coffeehouse! RIP). When I grew lonely as a writer and artist I sought the stage. I wanted to experience being part of ensemble storytelling and telling stories way bigger than myself. It worked! And it just kept getting better.

In an effort to learn and blow my mind further I auditioned for the Dell Arte International School of Theater in California and completed their year long Actor/Creator Program. Then I moved to Portland. Now, in addition to being a writer and creating stories I have been acting professionally for ten years. A few toots of my own horn include being hired as a writer and performer for The Annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism, being Producer/ Head Writer of a successful episodic sketch comedy group for two seasons. I have also worked in stage, film, and many national commercials. I recently had a Guest Starring role on NBC’s Grimm.

I have 2 young daughters who help me exceed the RDA of cute, and a beautiful wife who consistently challenges me to be a better man. I’m into it. All the while, I am  creating. I thrive on generating new material in my own world and especially in collaboration with other talented people.

It’s all about the story.